Ah! ah! I laugh heartily, talk like that is cheap enough.
How much is your game worth,
Believe me, I know how to appreciate it.
I am accustomed, handsome lord,
To such a joke.
G. Verdi: quartet “Bella figlia dell’amore” from “Rigoletto”

Diego Rojas Ortiz: “This project was a contemplative and absurd humorous collaboration, a pure result of us playing around with the struggles of housework, (chopping your vegetables) without compromising your glamour. I’d say, the creation itself took over!”

Małgorzata Walewska: “The starting point was the idea of crying while cutting onions with a contrasting feeling in the music. This is why I chose one of not so many fragments in the opera for my voice which is about laughing. However the collaboration got way more creative than that, following mine and Diego’s impulses after numerous Zoom meetings. It was an experiment on how to work at such a distance, with time difference, poor internet connection at times and the COVID-19 restrictions. The effect was actually surprising for us as all – this abstract impression on the pandemic safety precautions. The idea to put fake red nails on top of the plastic gloves – I find it a perfect one.”


“Impression” by Leszek Wisłocki



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