Paweł Szkotak: “The time of the pandemic is a difficult time for everyone, and for those who perform on a daily basis, it is a surprising deprivation of contact with the public they need like air. Hence the idea for an etude in which we include our anxieties and longings. Nature brings back the proper measure of everything we face.”

Ewelina Osowska: “”The Breath” was born out of the need to create. It is our response to the situation in which we unexpectedly found ourselves a few months ago. The isolation caused by the virus made all of us think. Everyone drew different conclusions. We created this short etude out of longing for communing with other people, creators and artists. Paweł Szkotak’s concept is simple and, in my opinion, very moving. It can be interpreted in many ways. For me, it’s a study about liberation. Each of us has a longing for true freedom. We fail to reach for it for various reasons – limitations, burdens, drugs, diseases or social pressure. Who among us does not dream of ditching everything and plunging into limitless peace?”


“Impression” by Leszek Wisłocki



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