Countertenor Michał Sławecki, together with composer Konrad Kucz, director Tadeusz Kabicz and director of photography Marcin Szołtysek created a film about an astronaut finding himself in the empty centre of Warsaw. The nostalgia of quiet and peace is broken when the dawn comes. the astronaut takes off his helmet and the city intrudes his peace – magical music stops, we hear screams, cars, announcements.

The film is inspired by the situation of the recent lockdown due to COVID-19. The solitude has given everyone the time for reflection. Coming out of it, many of us feel as though they have changed coming back into a world different from what it was before. Many think they can live better now, many feel the breeze of hope. However, when the astronaut takes off his helmet, the noise sounds all too familiar. The motive of astronauts and space can evoke various feelings for everyone. It can be the feeling of claustrophobic isolation, but it can also give a sense of space, endless possibilities.

“The video tells us about a search for peace and quiet in the life of every man”, as the artists explain. “We can come back to this video once we fall into old patterns, to remind ourselves how fragile the order of our world is. It can be a little bell in the back of our minds, reminding us to think before we go down a wrong path and inspire us to look for ourselves lost in all the noise.”


“Impression” by Leszek Wisłocki



Zrzut ekranu 2020-12-9 o 11.54.40

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