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…In the times of the primacy of advertising and consumerism, it is admirable to create artistic films, not focused on profit, but made with passion and dedication and faith in the value of art, as well as with respect for Nature… Krzysztof Korwin-Piotrowski orfeo.com.pl, e-teatr.pl

…In addition to interesting photos appearing in the film (taken by Tomasz Sikora) directing work by Andrzej Miękus, excellent vocalisation of Elwira Janasik, as well as make-up and costumes made by Jaga Hupało, the performance and pantomime of supporting actors and actresses – Antonina Wolf, Joanna Zubrycka (Miss God), Joanna Drabig and David Anger – also deserves recognition. A big surprise for me was a short performance by Olgierd Łukaszewicz as Theseus, who completes the whole film with his elegance and mature dignity. Even if his performance only lasts a few minutes… Michał Pawlak dziennikteatralny.pl